Homegrown Wednesday–Something Sewn

We have another installment of Homegrown Wednesday on the blog. If you’d like to be featured just shoot me an email! Thanks for sharing with us Anna!

What is your business name?
Something Sewn

Where did the name come from? What is the meaning behind the name?
I wanted something to capture all that I do – everything I create is something that I sewed.

Do you have a store front / website / Etsy?
I am on Etsy (http://SomethingSewn.Etsy.com) and http://www.flickr.com/photos/somethingsewn and include crafty bits on my personal blog at (http://SeckmansSayWhat.blogspot.com).

When did you start your business?
I’ve been sewing for years but officially opened up Something Sewn in July of 2009.

How many children do you have and how old are they?
My husband and I have one child – Elliot, and he is 4 years old.

Tell us about your product and the concepts behind it.
My product includes anything I can sew. I like to take basic items – pajamas, quilts, pillow cases, etc. – and put a modern/classic, refreshed spin on it. My most popular item (the Stitched Handprint) came from my sister wanting a way to capture a moment in her children’s lives without having to hang the plaster handprint from the tree each year; the handprints hang on the walls in their rooms.

What makes your product/business so unique?
My product and business is unique because it’s mine – everything I make looks like something I would wear, use or gift and knowing that I’m staying true to my nature makes me proud.

What are your secrets for having a business while raising a family?
Time management! I also work full-time so I do most of my sewing when Elliot goes to bed at night.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My local inspiration is Kaitlyn Bright of Owl People – I just love her aesthetic. A big influence right now is Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/amseckman) and a variety of crafting, sewing and quilting blogs.

Where is your favorite place to eat?
Lazlo’s – no question. I think our family is addicted to Lazlo’s as we go there more times than I’d like to admit.

What is your favorite color?
My all-time favorite color is red but right now I’m digging on yellow pretty hard.

What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory?
I know it sounds cliché, but my favorite accessory is my wedding ring. I think the style of it suits my personality perfectly.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
At this point in my life, it’s Disney World. We’ve been once and are going back in September and I cannot wait. I love the magic of the parks and especially what it does to kids.

What makes you smile?
Running into old friends, seeing Elliot learn something new and Sweet & Salty cupcakes from Jones Brothers Cupcakes (http://www.jonesbroscupcakes.com).

When you have free time, what is your favorite thing to do?
Sew, of course!

List all places your business can be found:
Etsy http://SomethingSewn.Etsy.com
Lincoln Farmers’ Market July 16 and July 30 (and possibly more) http://lincolnhaymarket.org/events/farmers-market/

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  • Stacey - Yeah for my friend Anna! You should be so proud of your accomplishments!

  • Stephanne - I LOVE the framed handprint. And the little ipad cozy. Anna, you’re incredibly talented and should be so proud!! Your stuff is amazing!

  • Yo-yo Mama - That Anna is one talented lady!! The little skull and crossbones outfit is adorable!

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