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Yearly Archives: 2011

Lauren |LSE Senior 2012| Lincoln Photographer

Meet Lauren. She’s a senior at Lincoln Southeast…. Favorite color: purple Favorite movie: Coach Carter Favorite quote: “if you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Plans after high school: most likely go to UNL and study nursing Pets: 3 dogs and a guinea pig Favorite band: I like Journey, Boston, and lots of other artists How would my friends describe me? fun, funny, trustworthy, can make people laguh, fun person to be

Alec Lincoln High School Photographer

Meet Alec. This young man was such a pleasure to work with! What school do you attend? Lincoln High What are your college plans? UNL- Chemical Engineering Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully I will have a good job and possibly a family. It is difficult to envision. It seems so far away, I can only guess. Who do you admire/look up to? Friends, family, teachers, everyone around me, they all have something to good to give Hobbies/sports you participate in? I play ice hockey. I

Taylor Class of 2012 Lincoln Nebraska Senior Photographer

Taylor came from over yonder (somewhere in Missouri lol) to get her senior pictures taken! Let’s learn more about her! I love all the colors! I cannot possibly choose just one color My favorite movie is “She’s the Man.” I’m pretty sure I know every line. I always say this movie should be a classic, but it technically is! It’s based on the Shakespearean play “The Twelfth Night,” which is also fantastic. My favorite quote is from the play “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams.

Kayla Senior 2012 Lincoln Southeast Senior Photographer

Meet this beautiful young lady!     Favorite Color: Blue! It’s always been my favorite color and its never going to change:) Favorite Movie: I have a lot of favorite movies but one of my favorites is Blue Crush. It’s a surfing movie and it takes place in Hawaii and I love the Ocean and it would be so cool if I could learn to surf one day! Favorite Quote: I really like this quote that my mom has framed in my house “Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as

School’s back in session :) Lincoln Senior Photographer

Shyann wanted some cheer photos with her senior pictures. So we took some :). Love these! WTRock them Shyann! I know you are going places Shy! Have a great senior year.

Shyann Senior 2012 Lincoln Southeast Senior

This is Shyann, she’s a senior rep for me and she’ll be a senior at Southeast High School. Let’s learn more about her! Favorite Color: Its hard to pick just one color! Id have to say that my top 3 would be Pink, Purple and Blue! All fun colors! Favorite Movie: My favorite move is “The Blind Side”. I like this movie because Sandra Bullocks character portrays exactly who I aspire to be! She accepts everyone for who they are and puts everyone before herself! Favorite

Jami … Senior 2011 Lincoln Senior Photographer

This is my daughter’s sister. She’s such a great girl, inside & out. We had taken some senior pictures last summer, but Jami wanted to take a few more for her announcements, so out we headed. I’m loving the sun in these You can see the first batch here: Jami Session Now to get to know Jami a bit better Let’s get the obvious question out of the way, where is your hair? I have alopecia which just makes me loose my hair. Nothing too crazy Favorite color?