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Chelsea Senior 2011 Lincoln Southwest High School |Lincoln Senior Photographer|

Meet Chelsea, Senior 2011!

Favorite color: Purple & lime green

Favorite movie: Bring it On!, Transformers, Broken Bridges and Dirty Dancing

Favorite quote: “Be yourself, don’t ever let someone change you”

Plans after high school: Go to college and either study elementary education and minor in athletic coaching or major in OB nursing

Pets: I have my own dog, Chesney (shitz-u), a dog named Ruby (cattle dog), a dog named Mollie (black lab), a cat named Prince Daddy, a cat named Popcorn, a cat named Blue, another cat named Snickers, a bunny named Checkers, a fish named Sunshine and some cows (whew)

Favorite band: No favorite band– but my favorite music is country

My friends describe me as: friendly, shy, caring and a weirdo

Favorite TV show: Secret Life of the American Teenager or Teen Mom

What I like to do during my down time: hang out with friends, go to the lake, be outdoors, go 4-wheeling, hang with family, watch a movie, go fishing & hunting.

Chelsea, you’re a beautiful girl, inside & out! Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

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