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Lauren… Lincoln Southwest Senior |Lincoln Senior Photographer|

Meet Lauren, she’s a 2013 Senior at Lincoln Southwest..

As a child what was one of your biggest fear?
I’m not sure I had any! Growing up in Arizona, I wasn’t afraid of spiders snakes or scorpion, I get my need for adrenaline from my dad so I have never been afraid of heights either! I think now my fear would be growing up too fast! I don’t want to miss a second of being a teenager.
What do you think is your strangest habit?
I like to climb anything and everything! If I see something tall, I will most likely try to get to the top. There’s a sense of accomplishment of hiking the mountain, or climbing to the top of the tree.
If you had an unlimited source of money, how would you spend it?
I would spend it driving cross-country and stopping to see antique shops, abandoned towns, big cities, and all the amusement parks possible!
What are some things you can’t live without?
I couldn’t live with out my family. They are the people given to you for a reason. I believe family is the only constant in life, when everything else changes they are still with you through the whole ride.
How would you describe your dream guy/girl?
BRAD PAISLEY! He is an extremely talented musician, yet he stays humble with the fame. He is the perfect example of a working father and a family man. Not to mention how good looking he is! The biggest thing I look for in a guy is their sense of humor. I love to laugh so I need someone who can make me laugh and will laugh at my puns and jokes too!
What is something that terrifies you?
I do not want to loose my family or be separated from them. Going off to college alone scares me just because my mom is one of my very best friends.
Was high school what you expected it to be?
I expected highschool to be a lot more challenging academically– however that’s all I ever expected. The classes are harder but are manageable! I never thought I would have time to take on a full schedule of Advanced Placement classes and be a three sport athlete. Yet i pulled it off my freshmen year and i realized with time management skills I could do anything I want.
Memorable moment” and “advice for underclassmen”
Don’t pass up any opportunities!! Try out for every sport you’re interested in. Join every club possible. Don’t follow your friends to what they are interested in, branch off and meet new people that have the same interests as you.
What are your plans for after high school?
I plan to attend UNL or CSU and to cheer in college. I am still undecided on my major, however, I believe it will be Science related.

Great interview Lauren! I wish you the best at college & beyond:)

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